Oscillating Multi-Tool Due 6/25/2024

The DCS355D1 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit has a powerful brushless motor providing up to 57% more run time over a similar brushed tool.  The Quick-Change accessory system allows you to change blades quickly and easily, and with the universal accessory adaptor, it's compatible with most oscillating tool accessories. The DUAL-GRIP Variable Speed Trigger provides ultimate speed and application control, the DEWALT Oscillating Tool Guide System allows you to customize the depth or height for accurate repeatability, and the bright LED light illuminates dark work spaces.

This tool comes with an oscillating multi-tool kit that includes: 1 Wood Blade, 1 Corner Sanding Head, 1 60-Grit sanding pad, 1 120-Grit sanding pad, 1 240-Grit sanding pad, and 1 adjustable depth guide.

Customers may be disallowed from using the service or be asked to pay for tools damaged due to negligent misuse. 

Please adhere to the following guidelines for sanders.

Always consult The Carhartt Workshop staff before checking out a tool that you are unsure is best suited for work you will be performing.

Please remember to change sandpaper often and do not continue to sand after paper has begun to wear through.  This will cause damage to sanding heads. 

Customers may be provided with a single reference sanding sheet, however this is not intended to be enough to complete an entire project and customers are required to provide additional sanding materials. 

Do not apply excessive pressure in order to try and speed up the sanding process. This does not work and will damage sanding heads.

Sanding is a time consuming process. If however, you are not getting the desired results or sanding is taking longer than normal, you may not have started with an aggressive enough of a sanding grit or may have moved up in grit too quickly and will need to go back down in grit.   

Please use the proper PPE with the correct safety ratings for the work you’re performing. This includes, but is not limited to, safety glasses, face shields, ear plugs, dust masks, close-toed shoes, and other proper attire. Never wear baggy clothes, jewelry, or have long hair down and unsecured while operating a tool.

Please note that you can only renew a tool once, and after 14 days the tool must be returned back into stock in order to let other people have a chance to use it. Users who renew tools for an additional 7 days will need to wait at least one week before checking that tool out again. Renewal of tools can be done between days 5-7 of your rental as long as another customer does not have the tool reserved during that time.

Please be sure to return tools on your listed due dates to avoid service interruptions to other customers. If a customer has a history of late returns, we may put your account on probation until good customer standing can be reinstated. 

Users who pose problems with timely returns, or problematic behaviors such as circumventing bans or our terms of service in any way may be subject to denial of service without warning or explanation.